Tips For Your Google Adsense Account From Getting Banned

As several of you already recognize, Google Adsense is that the most well-liked and generous advertisment service from Google that provides you revenant financial gain. However, some individuals do not trouble to scan the Adsense policies and that they typically violate AdSense Terms and conditions while not knowing and as a result, later to seek out out that their accounts are disabled. Many times, fraud clicks square measure the most cause. however there may be several alternative reasons for associate degree Adsense account to be disabled.

So, if you would like to stay your Google Adsense account safe, please scan and detain mind the subsequent rules:

  • Never use adult, violent or advocating racial intolerance content on your website.
  • Never copy paste any article from the other web site. Google will simply ascertain that one is original.
  • Never click on your own ads. Google will analyze all the clicks created on your ad units.
  • Never place on top of your Adsense ad units texts like "Click on ad below", "Please click below" etc. instead you'll use label headings as "sponsored links" or "advertisements".
  • Never say your friends to click on your ads on social networking websites like Facebook
  • Don't place unwanted links, pop-ups on your web site. Keep interface quite neat and clean with correct navigation and every one. Google additionally appearance for commonplace} standard of internet sites.
  • You should have a privacy policy page that must contain an outline regarding the utilization of Google AdSense on your web site. this is often the most recent policy introduced by Google. several webmasters do not know regarding it which ends in their account obtaining prohibited.
  • Hide Adsense ad units from Contact and Privacy Policy page (read here to ascertain however you'll do that) Place ads solely on Content Pages. Advertisers pay just for content based mostly ads.
  • Never show Adsense ads in floating boxes with pictures or texts that might overlap or cowl the ads. However, you'll use floating text, pictures on your web site below the condition they do not play together with your Adsense ads.
  • Never place quite three ad units and three ad links or two adsense search boxes on any web content.
  • Do not confuse with adjacent pictures - it absolutely was a standard policy to extend CTR by putting same variety of pictures because the variety of text ads, that incorrectly gave the impression that the text ads delineated  an evidence to those pictures. Inserting atiny low house or a line between the photographs and ads isn't allowed. check that that the ads and pictures aren't organized in an exceedingly manner that might simply mislead or confuse your guests. 
  • Do not send your Google adsense ads code to anyone.
  • Never place your Google ads any unit below any sink menu, if you are doing thus you're Violate Google Adsense TOS.
  • Never place Adsense ads on empty pages (pages with no content), pop-up pages, error pages, contact forms or registration pages.

These rules square measure the minimum needs for maintaining associate degree AdSense account in an exceedingly correct manner.
Whenever required, it's higher to evoke adsense facilitate from the learned workers of Google Adsense.

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