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What is WAN improvement?

What is WAN improvement?

WAN optimization, conjointly called WAN acceleration, is that the class of technologies and techniques wont to maximize the potency of knowledge flow across a good space network (WAN). In associate degree enterprise WAN, the goal of improvement is to extend the speed of access to crucial applications and data.

WAN improvement encompasses:
  • Traffic shaping, during which traffic is prioritized and information measure is assigned consequently.
  • Data deduplication, that reduces the info that has to be sent across a WAN for remote backups, replication, and disaster recovery.
  • Compression, that shrinks the dimensions of knowledge to limit information measure use.
  • Data caching, during which often used knowledge is hosted regionally or on an area server for quicker access.
  • Monitoring the network to find non-essential traffic.
  • Creating and implementing rules regarding downloads and net use.
  • Protocol spoofing, that may be a technique of bundling chatty protocols so that they ar, in effect, one protocol.

WAN improvement vendors embody Blue Coat Systems, Cisco, Expand Networks, F5 Networks, Juniper and bed Technology.


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