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How to put posts in a Page In Blogger

 This article shows a way to established your journal, victimization Blogger, so it\'s like your posts square measure on separate web-pages.

Can you place Posts onto Pages in Blogger?
Ever since Google introduced \"pages\" into Blogger, folks have complained that their posts all go onto the \"home page\", and asked a way to place posts onto totally different pages in their journal.

The normal, however unsatisfactory , answer is

    \"Sorry, that is not however Blogger works. thus known as \"static\" pages in Blogger square measure meant to be used for reference data that does not modification typically, that you do not need to be a part of your regular post-feed, however that you are doing need users to possess quick access to.\"

Basically, this is often a part of the distinction between post and pages.

Luckily straightforward} to line up your journal so it\'s like your posts square measure on totally different pages [tweet this]    (even tho\' you and that i understand that this is not however Blogger works) by following 3 simple steps.
 Follow these steps:
1   Add classes
Categorise your posts by adding Labels to them.   (Either all of them, or simply those that you simply need to indicate informed specific \"pages\".)

2 build a \"pages look alike\" menu bar:
There square measure (at least) square measure 3 ways of doing this - opt for that ever one suits your journal best:

    a)   With a Labels Gadget:   

    Use the standard add-a-gadget approach {to place|to place} a Labels convenience into the spot wherever you\'d put the Pages convenience if you needed to create a horizontal menu bar with it.

    If your journal has some Labels that you simply don\'t desire to possess \"pages\" for, then set it to indicate just some of your Labels:

         b)   vith a 1inked list ggadget :)

    Use the standard add-a-gadget approach {to place|to place} a Link-list convenience wherever you\'d put the Pages convenience if you needed to create a horizontal menu bar with it.
    Add a link to the list for every Label that you simply need a \"page\" for.   The markup language to use for every Label price is

    http://your blog lable name

 you\'ll additionally add different things (eg individual Posts, or perhaps Bllogger\'s static \"pages\" if you actually should have them - see why i do not like them!) - see the menu bar at the highest of this website for associate example of this.

    c)   With a Pages gadget:  
    Use the standard add-a-gadget approach to place a Pages convenience into the menu bar space.

    Use Label-links delineate higher than the Linked-list convenience possibility, as web site links to feature to your Pages convenience.

 owing to the increasing importance of mobile templates, this is often currently the choice that i like to recommend, as a result of the pages-gadget will mechanically seem on mobile-templates.

3 cope with the home-page
If you do not need your posts to seem on the \"home page\" was well because the topic pages, then there square measure 2 options:

    Use a way kind of like Showing a convenience solely on the house Page  to not show the journal Posts convenience on the house page.  the condition to use is != rather than ==)   If you are doing do this, then I powerfully suggest that you simply think about the varied choices for giving your journal a home page, and make certain you settle for the disadvantages of piece of writing your example.


 offer your journal a \"home page\" victimization the custom-redirect possibility mentioned during this post.

Job Done
It very is that easy.  Your readers will currently click on the \"pages\" in your journal from a \"menu\" at the highest, and see an inventory of posts for the Page that they selected.

Even higher, if some posts relate to over one topic, they show informed each of the relevant pages.    And if you\'ve got used the Pages convenience, your journal is well set-up to figure with a mobile-template - that are a few things that\'s obtaining a lot of necessary monthly.

Don\'t forget to check your journal, to create positive that the menu bar is functioning however you expect it to which it\'s OK, altogether the browsers that your readers are literally victimization.

How to Install Nero Eleven On Windows Eight

 Nero is employed  for burning their CD/DVD’s. Its remake contains countless improved options together with some new one.It is not compatible with window eight and show error “Nero needs that your pc is running Windows XP a minimum of SP3, Windows visual percept with a minimum of SP1, or Windows 7”. you furthermore mght can’t run Nero eleven in its compatible mode in Windows eight. currently you'll be able to install Nero on window eight.Just you have got to follow the given below steps.

1. Download Nero Eleven software system. you'll be able to additionally pass away.

2. currently run your setup until the incidence of the error that “Nero needs that your pc is running Windows XP a minimum of SP3, Windows visual percept with a minimum of SP1, or Windows 7”.

3. Cancel the installation by clicking the OK button.

4. currently open "RUN" dialogue box pressing Window + R key.

5. kind "%temp%" while not qoutes  and press enter for launching the temporary folder.

6.  Search the folder named “Nero Install Files” and replica paste it to the desktop.

7. Open this folder for getting the file named as “nero.mmstrial.msi”.

8. Right click on this file and choose properties.

9. within the compatibility possibility choose that “Run this program in compatibility mode for previous versions of Windows option”.

10. Press apply button.

11. Run “nero.mmstrial.msi file” and chase the standard installation method for putting in Nero eleven on your Windows eight automatic data processing system.

12.Now you have got to done.

MS Office Download Free

Microsoft workplace 2013 skilled and x86 x64 With Full Key/ Serial vary (also referred to as workplace 2013 and workplace 15) is that the approaching version of the Microsoft workplace productivity suite for Microsoft Windows, and thus the successor to Microsoft workplace 2010. Free transfer Microsoft workplace 2013 skilled and x86 x64 With Full Key/ Serial vary  includes extended file format support, program updates, and  support for bit.
Free transfer Microsoft workplace 2013 skilled and x86 x64 With Full Key/ Serial vary is to boot available for Windows RT nonetheless  as IA-32 and X86-64, and wishes Windows seven or Windows Server 2008 R2 or  later (hence cannot be place in on Windows XP, Windows panorama, Windows  Server 2008 or totally different earlier versions).  
Office 2013 may be a heap of “cloud-based” than previous versions. this may be notable as a result of the default save location is that the user’s SkyDrive. Also, Microsoft is hoping that users will get workplace 2013 through workplace 365.
Microsoft workplace 2013 includes updated support for ISO/IEC 29500, the  International commonplace version of workplace Open XML (OOXML) file format as  well as OASIS ODF one.2 that workplace two013 can browse and write. additionally, workplace 2013 provides full browse, write, and edit support for ISO32000 (PDF).
Microsoft together supports workplace Open XML Strict starting, a format that Microsoft has submitted to the ISO for ability with totally different workplace suites, and to assist adoption inside the general public sector.
New choices together embrace new browse mode in Word, a Presentation mode in PowerPoint and improved bit and inking in all of the workplace programs.  Microsoft Word may insert video and audio from on-line sources additionally as a result of the potential to broadcast documents on cyberspace. Word and PowerPoint even have bookmark-like choices that modify the position of the document between altogether totally different computers.

Features of workplace 2013 include:

• bit Mode aboard bit enhancements.

• praise look of the Ribbon interface

• Microsoft Outlook presently includes a replacement internal representation for normal tasks

• New begin experience

• New alignment lines once moving objects

• On-line image support with content from, and Flickr
• Resume Reading in Word and PowerPoin
• New slide designs, animations and transitions in PowerPoint 2013
Microsoft workplace skilled and 2013 permits you to figure along even higher by providing you with additional management over compliance, new tools for analyzing and sharing knowledge, and additional potentialities for communication. Plus, Access, Lync and InfoPath square measure enclosed within the suite. workplace 2013 is that the way forward for productivity.
It is AN exciting unleash for users and developers alike. where you go, workplace 2013 roams with you, incorporating your email, vital documents, contacts, calendars, and private settings on nearly any device, as well as touch-enabled experiences.

Microsoft workplace skilled and 2013 Contain:
Microsoft Access
Microsoft surpass
Microsoft InfoPath
Microsoft Lync
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft SkyDrive professional
Microsoft Visio Viewer
Microsoft Word
Office Shared options
Office Tools
Microsoft workplace 2013 Full version Free transfer.Latest Microsoft workplace transfer,Download Microsoft workplace solely four u.All computer package Free transfer.Fresh and latest computer package transfer.

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Top Five Academic Websites

This post contains high on-line academic web site which can assist you for higher learning.These website offers you completely different courses during which some square measure free and a few square measure paid.If you're interested digestible on these website and acquire many information.

1). Khan Academy

Khan Academy has provided quite 3200 videos that magnificently create it straightforward to be told powerful ideas. The offerings square measure serious on maths and science, together with engineering. Courses square measure at the preschool through 12th-grade level.

2).Web Cast

webcast berkeley is UC Berkeley's central service for on-line video & audio for college kids and learners round the globe.

3).Bright Storm

Bright Storm is biggest academic website that covers all of your subjects.It holds all form of information together with your basic subjects arithmetic,Physics,Chemistry,Computer Science and Biology.

4).Academic Earth

Academic Earth aims to supply everybody with the chance to earn a first education by giving free on-line categories and on-line learning tools. educational Earth will connect you to the world’s high universities and students.

5).The university

The university may be a world leader in trendy distance learning, the pioneer of teaching and learning strategies that modify folks to realize their career and life goals learning from time to time and in places to suit them.

How to Increase Internal Memory Of Mobile Phone

                       How to increase internal memory of mobile phone

If your internal memory of your phone is a smaller amount don't fret use this trick.First u wish to root kit your phone. To root kit your phone u wish to transfer
a suitable root kit file for u phone or tab.U will transfer it by looking in Google. Then store it in your SD. and closing your phone or tab and open itby pressing Power + Volume Up + Home keys (IF u area unit tab Press power+Volume up +Volume Down) Then Click on apply update from sdcardand choose the basis kit then press affirmative.After change choose revive system currently. once gap your phone u will see a application named SuperUser.then u will change that your phone or tab is root kited. IF u wish the roor kit file u will post it down..
[Note: If u root kit your phone or tab your pledge of your phone can Loss]After root kiting goto play store and rummage around for Link2sd and transfer and install it then rummage around for Custom Kernel that for your phone in google and transfer it.And store it in your memory card.
[Note:While doing it your information are removed thus store it in another storagedevice]
Then closing your phone and open with pressing Power + Volume Up + Home keys (IF u area unit tab Press power+Volume up +Volume Down) {and choose|and choose} apply update from sdcard then select the Custom Kernel ( basin ) file that downloaded. afterward u can see a ClockWorkMod Recovery windows thereon choose advanced.then choose Partition SD then provide what number mb u wish to feature to internel memory on Ext Size and Swap Size=0mb once someday there show done then shut revive Recovery {and choose|and choose} revive system currently once gap metropolis open phone or tab open Link2Sd then select applications and clickCreate Link thereon.Tick all. and revel in currently application link with SD card Do all Care absolutely.

Computer System design by Morris Mano

                                              Computer System design by Morris Mano

In system design book all ideas of system design square measure coated.
In engineering science and engineering, pc design is that the art that specifies the relations and components of a system. pc design is completely different than the design of buildings, the latter could be a kind of visual arts whereas the previous is an element of pc sciences. In each instances (building and computer), a whole style has several details, and a few details square measure tacit by common observe.
For example, at a high level, pc design thinks about with however the central process unit (CPU) acts and the way it uses storage. Some modern (2011) pc architectures embody cluster computing and Non-Uniform operation.
Computer architects use computers to style new computers. Emulation software package will run programs written during a planned instruction set. whereas the planning is incredibly simple to alter at this stage, compiler designers typically collaborate with the architects, suggesting enhancements within the instruction set. fashionable emulators could live time in clock cycles: estimate energy consumption in joules, and provides realistic estimates of code size in bytes. These have an effect on the convenience of the user, the lifetime of battery, and also the size and expense of the computer's largest physical part: its memory. That is, they assist to estimate the worth of a pc style.


How To Create Cash Using Pinterest

                                           How to create cash mistreatment Pinterest
Pinterest, that is basically a web site consisting of the many pictures of varied sizes and hues on its pinboard, may be wont to earn tons and plenty of cash. you'll be able to develop pictures from anyplace across the web and pin it on your virtual boards. give way Facebook and Twitter. strive exploring alternative social platforms on the far side these 2. you'll be able to build up a sizeable on-line audience by mistreatment this tool for enhancing your social media presence. analysis|a search|an enquiry|a quest|a pursuit|a probe|an exploration|a groundwork|a hunt|a research|a look} conducted by Comscore (a U.S.A. based mostly research firm) has listed it among the twenty most websites among U.S.A. web users and additionally observed that it's a user base larger than LinkedIn, Twitter and therefore the Google and all place together!!
Now, that ought to be enough to line a couple of heads rolling.

Making cash mistreatment Pinterest
If you're wanting forward to earn some passive financial gain from the comfortable comfort of your home, here ar a couple of tips and tricks which may assist you start with it.

1. Eye Catching footage

Since Pinterest is largely image based mostly, develop attention-grabbing footage that have plenty of visual attractiveness. High resolution footage will cause you to stand apart.
No one can trouble to scan the outline (no matter however well it's written) if the image isn't charming enough.

2. Build A Community

As with alternative social networking sites like Facebook and twitter, you would like to create a community here. You come back to just about what you provide to others. If you share alternative people’s pins, they're probably to share your sentiment further. Follow voluminous folks in order that they follow you back and your pins have a larger likelihood of being noticed .

3. opt for a distinct segment Of merchandise you'd wish To Sell

What sort of product are you able to sell best? Do some basic analysis and opt for the niche you'd wish to be related to.If you're smart at commercialism shoes, don’t strive commercialism watches just because you see a larger share of profits in them. Not everybody will sell everything- and you need to keep that in mind the least bit times. You can, of course, sell a large vary of merchandise. Right from health connected instrumentality to tattoo removing merchandise. Indoor plants to designer furnishings. simply compose your mind concerning what merchandise you would like to push, and develop the talents to be ready to sell them.

4. opt for the correct Affiliate merchandise

Visit Amazon, Clickbank, CJ, etc to choose up the affiliate merchandise you'd wish to sell here. it's best to choose up merchandise concerning which individuals have left positive reviews within the past. Don’t opt for terribly valuable merchandise Some people that are creating a killing over Pinterest since the previous couple of years have disclosed that cheap merchandise sell best on this website. Diamond jewelry may not, as an example, get such an incredible response as funky or beaded stuff.

5. opt for the correct Keywords

Now that you just apprehend what you would like to sell here, edit your profile and embrace the most effective keywords concerning your merchandise in your profile.

6. Optimize Product Descriptions

Pinterest permits you to use five hundred characters to explain the pin you're golf stroke up. Use those five hundred characters to provide the most effective and most elaborate product description. Don’t go too rapturous and maintain the correct pitch. it'd be smart if you may squeeze in an exceedingly testimonial or 2 from a happy client, thus on facilitate convert additional trust. ensure to incorporate your most searched keywords here too.

7. Link Your Image To Your web site 

Now, this can be one straightforward however killer tip!
Not solely can you get voluminous traffic to your {site|website|web website} once folks click over such well optimized pictures however additionally facilitate rank your article/ product higher on computer programme results if it's shared by voluminous people- since sharing can increase the quantity of inward links to your site or journal.

8. Use Adsense To Your profit
If you have already got an honest traffic to your web site or journal, you'll be able to encourage the folks viewing your pictures to go to your website. there's a powerful risk of obtaining them to click on a couple of ads over there and therefore generate you some additional moolah!!

9. produce Contests 
Offer giveaways and freebies, produce contests- simply something which will encourage folks to share your pins. nobody can wish to try to to thus even though it doesn't value them a penny to try to to thus unless they see some personal gain in it. provide them reasons to share your pin!

If you're serious concerning creating cash from Pinterest, strive the free tool known as Pinterest Analytics to understand concerning the demographics of the folks coming back to your website from Pinterest. this may assist you refine your strategy. it's vital here to stay in mind that Google plans to punish sites and blogs that use Pinterest solely of sharing their posts. If you would like to urge the most effective results from here, pay simply quarter-hour on that daily to envision your content going infectious agent in no time the least bit. There ar several bloggers World Health Organization don't attach abundant importance to the present specific website, selecting to focus instead solely on Facebook, twitter and Google and. Let Maine inform such those that Pinterest may be a computer programme too! you simply ought to knowledge to urge the most effective out of it. I do hope that these basic tips for creating cash on Pinterest can facilitate many that wish to urge started here however don't knowledge to proceed.

Top Twenty Websites To Watch Movies On-line Free 2013

Every one is crazy and keen on observance movies.There square measure various classes of films like horror,romantic,action etc.In downloading movies method you suffer several troubles like slow net association and you are doing not bear to take a seat ahead of pc and watch for long times to until the completion of downloading.It is terribly tedious and time intense.In order to beat this drawback and watch full length movies,TV shows and television series with none cut is on-line.There square measure several on-line websites that permits you to look at free full length movies with streaming.There is assortment of prime ten web site that permits you to on-line watch movies of the many classes.On some website} registration is needs whereas several site permits you to get pleasure from movies with none check in.Short review of those prime websites is given below.
Here could be a lis of prime Twenty Websites to look at Movies on-line Free

1. Hulu

Hulu provides you an outsized platform to look at on-line freetelevision, multimedia, and high-quality movies.It has assortment of all episodes of TV shws,hot shows fully series with HD quality.It offer you access to filter those videos that square measure redundant.It has massive and wonderful assortment of top movies.Hulu is simply accessible within the us and Japan.

2. Youtube Movies

You tube is best website for observance videos.YouTube motion-picture show features a massive kind of rattling movies, like Comedy, Classic, animation etc.All movies square measure accessible with full length and with HD quality.

3. Tube + 

This website is fast and quickest supply to look at free motion-picture show.It has pure and appreciative content associated with movies,TV shows,TV series and plenty of additional.It provides you uncut full length motion-picture show.It is for registered users.So,account is required before observance the films on this website.

4. provides you a serious platform to look at movies.In this website youn will choose any actor whom’s movies you wish to look at.You can conjointly choose any class and it'll show full list movies relevant to specific class.Yo may choose subtitles to look at full length motion-picture show

5. MegaShare.Info

Megashare is exclusive web site for on-line watch movies.It has overwhelming and splendid assortment of films, TV shows,music etc.You do not ought to produce associate degree account or to registered to look at movies.You can directly watch latest assortment of films in step with your selection.

6.Free Full Movies

FreeFullMovies iIt was launched in 2008 and dealing until currently with latest assortment of HD movies.This website utterly update you regarding latest and forthcoming movies assortment.It has each DIVX movies and Flash movies. No account is needed to look at movies


Crackle is among better of on-line motion-picture show web site to look at free movies.It has its own content additionally because it conjointly has assortment on Sony library associated with movies and television shows.Movies plays in several modes like 480p and 360p.You can watch uncut full length movies in crackle on full screen.

8.Los Movies

Los Movis could be a exclusive and one web site that permits you to look at free HD movies.You can watch movies with none hassle, redirection or obligatory check in.Its extraordinary and purpose is that you simply can't watch movies on your system however conjointly on your mobile phones like iPad, or iPhone, or Android.


This website contains assortment of top movies publicly domain Recreational may contact to those free and open distribution of their films for the endowment. This contains assortment of classic and previous movies additionally as black and white or silent films for complimentary to look at.It permits you to movies browsing in varied ways in which.

10.Nyoo TV

If you're lover and fan of Indian movies then this website is best for them.It has latest assortment of screenland movies.With latest and hit movies you'll be able to conjointly watch  Indian TV shows and Music Videos.

11. IceFilmsTube

This best website has latest assortment of films.It allws you to look at uncut full length movies with HD quality.You have to want transfer and install XVID player in your browser to look at movies.

12. TvMovieLinks

This is among prime rank search engines.It has massive assortment of latest and previous movies of diverse selection.You do not ought to search anyplace simply TVmovielinks has full selection in step with your selection.

13. Movies25

Movies25 is largest platform to look at movies on-line with streaming.It has latest assortment of assorted forms of movies like horror,action,romantic etc.It provides you excellent supply of enjoyment.

14. iMovie Tube

This is one in every of the premium assortment of lawful,official certified autonomous and free domain movies accessible on the net. This has latest assortment with wonderful HD quality.Find movies according your style and luxuriate in.

15. PopCorn Flix

This is distinctive web site that has fantastic and wonderful assortment of films.It has conjointly those movies that weren't accepted and notable however was prepared by prime hit actor and role player of these time.

16. SolarMovie :

Solarmovie web site has top assortment of latest movies.It provides you facility to settle on any motion-picture show in step with your interest from huge kind of movies.

17. B Movies

B Movies is associate degree astonishing and rattling web site with latest assortment of films.If you're keen on classic previous movies then don't go anyplace,B Movies provides you full assortment of films of various selection like action,horror,Sci-fi and western movies.

18. Movies Planet

Movies planet is best for movies lovers.It has new and contemporary assortment of hit movies.No check in or registration is required.You can directly watch movies on-line with none hassle.

19. LetMeWatchThis | 1Channel

1Channel is among those search engines that doesn't has Brobdingnagian assortment.It update links latest movies time by time therefore assist you for simple looking.You can conjointly produce associate degree account and stay upto date regarding hit and forthcoming movies.

20. Movie4k

This is our fast and quickest web site to on-line watch free movies.It has thousand movies of assorted selection like suspense,thriller,Sci-fi,horror and action movies.You can select anyone and may amuse yourself.

If you're thinking that that we tend to skip any web site that value here in list then please tell us  in comments

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Intel is Going To launch Web TV This Year

There is latest news for you that a prime chip maker Intel Corporation is progressing to launches a web tv this year wherever you have got live and on need content.  Intel goes into a complete untried and extremely value creating market and during this field Intel conjointly not has ability and affiliation. vp of Intel Media named Erik Huggers aforesaid on now that they're talking and creating relations with content contributors.

There ar some web televisions ar introduced by Apple company and Erik Huggers aforesaid that every one of Intel employees and therefore the families of the employees ar already making an attempt a set-top box that the corporate wish to sell as part of the service. Intel provides the smaller content than those content that provided by the cable operator.

 Erik Huggers aforesaid that “we are operating for (the past) year to line up Intel media, a replacement cluster targeted on developing a web platform,” “It's not a worth play; it is a quality play wherever we'll produce a superior expertise for the top user." He added.

If Intel's arrange provides a winning result however what concerning the competition with alternative corporations that already provided the tv live programming and content like Apple Amazon and Netflix. during this facet the Erik Huggers aforesaid that "There is a chance to supply a bundle which will be curated by the buyer, a chance to make smarter bundles.”

An analyst Stacy Rasgon is giving warning to the Intel by oral communication that “The question you have got to raise with Intel is, is something they are doing sufficiently big to maneuver the needle? you are not about to create or break the corporate on one thing like this.”

But the company’s vp aforesaid that their company employees ar testing the sound and alternative options and that we ar absolutely believed that we will try this. currently see what happen, if you wish a lot of data concerning this tv web then keep visiting our website.


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