10 Questions to Ask Mobile App Developer

If your company does not have a mobile app nevertheless, you'll be missing out on a golden chance to faucet into new revenue streams. Smartphones and tablets square measure wherever today's customers live. the bulk of the a hundred and twenty million smartphone homeowners within the U.S. use a looking or retail app a minimum of once a month, in keeping with a recent Nielsen report. Yours may well be one amongst them.

If you want a mobile app that lets customers purchase your merchandise -- or just access merchandise reviews, videos or coupons -- you will need to rent associate degree knowledgeable about developer you trust to custom build it.

Here square measure ten key inquiries to raise mobile app developers to assist you sele
ct the proper one for the job:

1.Where am i able to realize samples of mobile apps you have developed? 
Qualified candidates ought to be desirous to give you with a listing of apps they're in person answerable for making -- or a minimum of compete a serious role in developing -- complete with links to every in Apple's iOS App Store, BlackBerry App World or Google Play, Google's humanoid app store.

"That means you'll be able to begin to measure whether or not or not they need the talents, expertise and vision to supply the kind of mobile app you are looking for," says Chad Mureta, business executive of App Empire, a San Francisco-based app development firm, and author of App Empire: build cash, Have a Life, and Let Technology Work for You (Wiley, 2012).

2. could I even have a listing of your current and past clients? 
Unlike reading pic credits, there is usually no thanks to tell United Nations agency really developed associate degree app. may be} why speaking directly with candidates' current and former shoppers can be essential to validatory that the developers really created the apps they claim to possess worked on, Mureta says.

Checking references conjointly offers you a chance to raise however reliable, responsive and results-oriented candidates square measure. as an example, you may raise whether or not they delivered on point and inside budget, and the way well they work struggling.

Candidates generally solely provide references United Nations agency have a good opinion of them, says Farhan Thawar, vp of engineering at Xtreme Labs, an Ontario, Canada-based mobile strategy and merchandise development firm. He suggests visiting a candidate's LinkedIn profile to check if you've got any skilled colleagues or former co-workers in common. If you do, contact your mutual connections and raise them concerning their impression of the candidate's expertise, capabilities and work ethic.

3. What quite smartphone does one use?
This question will give insight into however choleric and knowledgeable a candidate is concerning specific mobile platforms, Thawar says. "If you are telling Maine that you simply will build associate degree app for associate degree iPhone, then you must have associate degree iPhone, you must be twiddling with the apps that you simply square measure building and conjointly twiddling with different people's apps on a really regular basis." a similar goes for humanoid and BlackBerry.

4. however will my app build money? 
If your primary goal is to get revenue together with your app, the developer must understand precisely a way to incorporate options which will permit you to create cash. you'll decide on a pay-per-download revenue model, charging, say, between ninety nine cents and $4.99, betting on what percentage options your app offers.

If you decide for a free app, make certain the candidate is well versed in a way to integrate mobile show ads, in-app purchases or paid subscription services.

5. however can we have a tendency to communicate throughout the event process? 
The quality of your app typically depends on however clearly and infrequently you communicate your app style and practicality needs throughout the event method.

Does your app developer value more highly to chat personally or via phone, Skype, instant message or email -- and the way typically? Or will he or she value more highly to act with you employing a common project and task management system like 37signals' Basecamp? however often can he or she give you with standing updates?

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6. What quite special options are you able to create? 
Apps seldom grab consumers' attention while not really innovative and helpful options. understand the bells and whistles you want then assess your developer's capabilities. as an example, will your candidate add 3D gambling, social media sharing, GPS check-ins or product coupon components to your app?

7. United Nations agency can own the mobile app? 
Typically the individual or company paying for a mobile app can own the finished product, Mureta says. To make certain you own all the rights to the app you commissioned, you and therefore the app developer ought to sign a written "copyright assignment" or "work created for hire" contract. The document ought to establish confidentiality and state that you simply own the app's style, ASCII text file and every one of its content.

8. however can you take a look at my app? 
Generally, the simplest thanks to take a look at associate degree app is just to run it on the smartphone it'll be used on. The candidate ought to give an intensive rationalization of however he or she conducts an intensive tryout to get rid of any glitches. If bugs square measure found, however can the candidate fix them -- and the way quickly?

9. can you submit my mobile app to app stores? 
After you have approved the beta-tested version of your app, the last step is for the developer to submit it to associate degree app store for approval to be sold-out there. App submission is commonly an extended, multi-step method that your developer ought to already savvy to with success navigate.

10. What square measure your fees and payment terms? 
Draft a legal document specifying that you simply pays the developer by the hour or with a flat fee. Most developers, like Mureta, provoke a one-time fee direct. Others need a deposit at the start of a project, typically for up to half the calculable total value, with the balance due once the app is completed.

The most basic mobile apps will begin between $1,000 and $5,000, however you'll find yourself disbursement again and again additional if you pay a developer by the hour. additional sophisticated mobile apps, as well as ones that square measure info driven or involve 3D gambling, will value thousands additional.

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